The embedded-controller V-SYS CONTROLLER® device and V-LOGIC® platform applied on smart phones, tablets

V-SYS CONTROLLER® and V-LOGIC® are two lastest products. They are result of a long investment. We believe that they will bring to V-SYS a very promising future.

To realize the concept of “Internet of things” right in Vietnam and widely apply that concept in quite a few of fields of life as smart home, irrigation systems, lighting, anti-theft for farms, black box for  machinery, etc., V-SYS developed the concept of “Internet of things” into a newly level called “Control everything through Internet”.

Until now, the internet is mainly used to exchange information (Data communication) and has not been widely used to control objects. The reason is that how to compile a controlled process applicable to varied scenarios demands deep knowledge of an expert in automation programming.

Therefore, V-SYS has developed a set of tools consisting of an embedded controller and an application platform on smart phones. It allows anyone to compile automation scripts easily without having the knowledge of the system programming language. He or she only needs to know clearly what to be controlled.

The smart phone will be used to control the system in two steps: firstly, displaying real-time feedback from the system to the internet and vice versa; then secondly, commanding actuators to implement the scenario which has been pre-loaded into the memory of embedded controllers. Here, actuators are the system’s relays.

Main features of V-SYS CONTROLLER® and V-LOGIC® include:

–       Enabling with Graphical User Interface (GUI) on smart phones or tablets, it is very easy programming. User can master the system by following guidance in the user manual just less than one hour.

–       Each V-SYS CONTROLLER® accompanied with one cloud account. All data and programs generated from the controller and smart phone during operations will be stored in the cloud. This ensures the whole system being backed up and recovered quickly and easily if problems occur even when replacing new V-SYS CONTROLLER® or smart phone.

–       V-SYS CONTROLLER® input can work with common and inexpensive RF sensors

–       V-SYS CONTROLLER® output can control relays remotely via wireless RF signal.

–       V-SYS CONTROLLER® can control relays directly or follow scenarios via smart phones. Update and display the status of relays on smart phones.

–       Easily programmed to notify the user through SMS or through a call from the V-SYS CONTROLLER® to mobile phones.

–       Easily programmed to transfer information from the V-SYS CONTROLLER® to the cloud (servers) if connected to the Internet by built-in device. This feature helps to track and control online any equipment installed with V-SYS CONTROLLER®. It is a simple and effective tool to implement the new concept “Internet of everything”

–       Google’s Voice Recognition Tool integrated into the V-SYS app enhances its ultility. Scenarios can be executed by user’s voice command.


V-SYS CONTROLLER® and V-LOGIC® have very wide application. They can be applied to any equipment and systems that are needed to be controlled automatically following a certain process.

V-SYS has tried to apply them in the followings:

– Electrical, lighting, anti-theft systems for housing or factory

-The system automatically collects data from CNC machines, plastic injection molding machines

– The system automatically records electricity consumption index of electric meters and transmits to central servers via GPRS or SMS

– The system automatically collects data from electronic scales and then put up cloud computing

– Irrigation control systems, lighting, anti-theft for dragon fruit and aquaculture farms

– Intelligent Toys (kids create programs controlling toys themselves using V-LOGIC®)


Finally, what is the difference of this solution that we want to emphasize?

V-SYS created a platform on smart phones to allow everyone to compile automation scripts as easiest as possible.

Self-learn to do it takes no more than 30 minutes!


The ultimate goals of this system is: