V-SYS, a Vietnamese Company was founded in 2010 in HCMC, always dedicates itself to bring add-values for the society by creating innovative & comprehensive solutions in fields of automation, communication and software.

As a sibling of V-tools, a well-established company in mechanical manufacturing, V-SYS has started its business by providing machining programs, ERP software for mechanical plants, cutting tools box, automation solutions, etc. for a wide range of customers from mechanical manufacturing plants to aquaculture factories.

Being successful with important customers, V-SYS have been able to grow and diversify in many activities especially in manufacturing Vending Machine and developing Mobile & Internet applications.

Since 2011, we have focused on studying and realizing the concept of “internet of things” in Vietnam. Begin with single devices applied in separate fields of life as smart house, irrigation system, lighting and anti-theft system for farms, black box for CNC machines, vending machine, etc. we developed “internet of thing” concept into a newly level called “Control everything through Internet”.

In order to “Control everything through Internet”, we have created a tool set consisting of V-SYS CONTROLLER®, an embedded controller and V-LOGIC® an application platform on smartphone.

This tool can be applied to controll automatically any equipment and systems following a certain process.

Everybody now can control every object through internet using this new tool.

V-LOGIC® allows anyone to compile automation scripts on their smartphone easily without having the knowledge of the system programming language. He or she only needs to know clearly what to be controlled.

V-SYS CONTROLLER® implements the scenario compiled by V-LOGIC®, which has been pre-loaded into its memory, through actuators. Here, actuators are the system’s relays.

The smartphone controls the system in two steps: firstly, displaying real-time feedback from the system to the internet and vice versa; then secondly, it commands the embedded controller to run scenarios accordingly.

Each V-SYS CONTROLLER® is accompanied with one cloud account. All data and programs generated from the controller and smart phone during operations will be stored in the cloud so we can track and control online any equipment installed with V-SYS CONTROLLER®. This ensures the whole system being backed up and recovered quickly and easily if problems occur even when replacing new V-SYS CONTROLLER® or smartphone.

To conclude, our philosophy while developing this system is:


(To carry out) “RIGHT ACTION on the RIGHT OBJECT at the RIGHT TIME